Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Dubai

Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Dubai

The Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Dubai is an easy to use Plug and Play 16-channel NVR. The built-in PoE network switch lets cameras to be attached directly to the NVR removing the requirement for extra hardware. Prepared with 1-4 front-accessible hard drives deliver up to 16Tb of storage lets for long-term recording. An HDMI or VGA monitor can be linked and controlled with USB mouse or IR remote for simple setup and monitoring.



Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder

The Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Dubai 16CH Network Video Recorder with PoE Switch is a high-quality, good performance network video recorder that supports up to 16 network streams with a quantity of up to 80Mbps. This NVR by Samsung Dubai is capable of handling and recording videos from a full of 16 Cameras over the local area network. With a fixed Linux Operating System, it also offers real-time recording ability at CIF~ 8M resolution. Prepared with 4 SATA HDDs and one e-SATA Hard drive of 1Tb, the SRN-1673SP NVR lets long term recording and holding.

The Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Dubai is prepared with HDMI and VGA Video Output. This lets the user to incorporate a local monitor for video display. The SRN-1673SP device features H.264/MJPEG Compression Technology and therefore the user can protect storage and network resources when recording without compromising on image quality. In addition, it delivers easy backup options with its USB Port. The network monitoring feature lets useful monitoring options through Web viewer, SmartViewer, SSM, and iPOLis smartphone app. The Samsung SRN-1673SP 16CH Network Video Recorder Dubai with PoE Switch does not need any configuration, which makes it easy to install and operate.

Samsung SRN-1673SP Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Up to 16CH 8M supported
  • 80Mbps network camera recording
  • Plug & play by 16 PoE/PoE+ ports
  • 4HDDs, e-SATA storage supported
  • HDD removable (Easy install)
  • HDMI / VGA local monitor
  • Built-in PoE Network Switch: Allows cameras to be connected directly to the NVR eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Embedded Linux Operating System: Allows users to remotely monitor, record, and view live video feed from up to 16 network cameras
  • Storage-Interface Of 4SATA Hard Drives: Allow long-term recording with 2TB memory
  • External eSATA Interface: Provides seamless connection to external storage devices
  • 80Mbps Recording Bandwidth: Supports real-time Network Camera Recording of 16 cameras in 2 M
  • HDMI and VGA Video Output: Offers seamless connection to a local monitor


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