Bosch IP Cameras

An organization and its management is responsible for protecting their assets, employees and environment from any external as well as internal threats. Technology is evolving in this CCTV surveillance field as it is growing in the other fields. The cardinal fact that should be considered while CCTV installation procedure is choosing a reliable brand and CCTV solution provider. In a perfect CCTV System, each and every activity inspected and managed in an efficient way. Bosch’s innovative technology make their CCTV systems stand out from other brands. Bosch IP cameras well suited for any type of business environment which need effective security systems. An experienced CCTV solution provider can help you with the right kind of CCTV surveillance solutions.


Bosch IP Cameras Dubai

Bosch is one of the best company that produce quality CCTV surveillance cameras, video recording systems and other surveillance products. CCTV Dubai provides right security solutions that ensure our customers have a quality experience with the Bosch IP cameras. We always believe in providing an astonishing experience to the customers is highly important. CCTV Dubai is very team driven and we work in a way that puts collective goals with Bosch CCTV systems to produce results the customers wanted.

Notably great, the series of Bosch IP cameras can be a perfect fit for any IP surveillance needs. It helps the CCTV surveillance more transparent and clear. The Bosch IP cameras are equiped with refined sensors, lenses and other features to produce a high-quality image of what you perceive. The series include  panoramic cameras,PTZ, Fixed domes and other special cameras and it can be well utilized for the surveillance effectively.

Moving cameras (PTZ) series offers a wide range of capabilities with exceptional features. These cameras are perfectly fit for any outdoor, indoor, commercial or industrial surveillance requirements. These cameras have the ability to capture each detail in a scene with high-quality resolution and zoom.

Fixed dome cameras have the high dynamic range to see the dark and bright details of the videos simultaneously. The built-in intelligent video analytics to activate the alerts and the intelligent dynamic noise reduction makes this camera a good choice for surveillance.

Panoramic camera provides a 360-degree field of view and is suitable for surveillance that needs wide area coverage. It has the feature of intelligent video analytics on full view. The discreet and aesthetic design makes it attractive when it is installed on your premises.

The other series include HD/MP Fixed cameras and special cameras that are good for both the indoor and outdoor applications.

Bosch IP camera is a right choice for your CCTV surveillance needs. We can help you with the complete CCTV installation service along with the relentless support. Our service areas are not limited to any special industry, our support to industries ranges from hospitality to retail, hotels… Bosch also presents other range of security products such as Bosch NVR, Bosch DVR and Bosch analog camera. CCTV Dubai is enriched with expert CCTV Technicians to provide relentless service for our customers in Dubai, UAE and other emirates such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi , Ras-Al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

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