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What is so important is, how it is to make sure, the business or residence is protected from any illicit happenings. It is fundamentally true that the added security measures ensure plentiful safety to employees, premises, assets and the homes. Given the fact, most of the companies and residential owners begins to incorporate advanced security solutions such as the CCTV security surveillance in their properties. As CCTV delivers wide range surveillance, it turn out to be a favorable option to most businesses and homes. Other than providing protection, it’s a great way for enhancing the employee productivity. By journaling daily activities the efficiency can be further improved; in the fullest sense it make your business worth in every possible ways.

Security is essential now these days; be it for home or business. With the illegal immigration, burglary, and the increased crimes, the primary responsibility to maintain the protection is vested in you. Here are the reasons why you should install CCTV security for your business and residence in Dubai.

  • To Prevent crime and theft
  • To Keep a watch on employees, outside people, children and assets
  • To watch sensitive areas
  • As Extra piece of evidence for solving issues


CCTV Surveillance solutions with CCTV Dubai.

CCTV camera is an important element in a security surveillance system. Establishing and maintaining security is important to an organization’s progress and success. Being an experienced player in the security industry, we at CCTV Dubai knows exactly what type of surveillance is best suitable for your organization. We have many years of experience helping wide range of businesses to accomplish their desired security goals. By providing excellent strategic resources and planning, we proved that we are the best CCTV providers in Dubai.

Carefully aligned with our primary values, every decision we take is rooted in what’s best of our client’s requirement.

We help you to identify the best strategic spots to fix the cameras; thus assuring a cleat cut surveillance to the most sensitized areas. The types of CCTV cameras we deal includes the IP camera, Analog Camera and HDCVI camera. Using what we understand from the review and consultation we will suggest the ideal camera for your requirement.


What’s in store for you?

At CCTV Dubai, we offer varied types of branded and recognized CCTV Cameras in Dubai to boost up the surveillance. The types of camera includes:

IP Camera: Security camera allows you to track what’s happening around your business or homes. The IP camera offers high quality images to what’s being captured. With these cameras you no longer need to suffer poor quality images. IP cameras delivers major surveillance advantages over Analog cameras. If you have decided to tighten up your security surveillance for your business in Dubai, we will be able to install and run the perfect systems for you. We have various branded IP cameras, both wireless and wired that suits your environment in an effective way as per the requirements.

Analog camera: We offer a wide range of multi branded analog cameras for all kind of security need. Analog camera systems use Digital Video recorder for managing and storing the video. Analog cameras perform well against different lighting situations and manages the motion well. Designed for a variety of security applications, the analog camera for some reasons is a good choice. With analog cameras from trusted names in the industry, we offer impeccable CCTV solutions in Dubai to secure your most sensitive areas of your office and homes.

HDCVI Camera: HDCVI technology allows the system to transmit video signals over the existing coaxial cable. With the growing popularity the HDCVI cameras are becoming much sought after these days. High Definition composite Video Interface (HDMI camera) employs a different method of transmitting video images over the cable. Hence the quality of depends on the cable and better the cable, better the results. The advantage is that both the video and audio can be transmitted over the same cable. There are many advantages in employing the HDCVI camera in Dubai. With the capability to transmit videos up to certain feet, the camera has several extended capabilities compared to the standard analog cameras.

Enhance your surveillance with our CCTV cameras, Dubai.

We are skilled in delivering perfect CCTV solutions in Dubai. And with the wide range of (IP, analog and HDCVI camera) brands and models, we have solutions for any outdoor and indoor applications. With the industry leading solutions, we offer our clients on-site system setup, surveillance camera installation and system integration. Our services are available in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

Capable to deliver whatever the security need you have, CCTV Dubai has solution. By utilizing every possibilities, our solutions we deliver will have fruitful effect on all your security concerns.

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