Hikvision Analog Camera Dubai

There are lots of CCTV  brands available in the market today. choosing the right brand based on your requirements is a tricky task. There are differences in price, quality and availability though Most of the companies are still using Analog Cameras as a cost effective way for securing their assets and premises. Hikvision is  a well-known brand for providing Analog CCTV solutions. With the help of interchangeable lens you can acquire desired quality for your CCTV recordings. Hikvision analog cameras can be the right choice for your home or business CCTV Security Solutions. We provide sales and support for Hikvision analog cameras to fulfill your needs.

Hikvision has been counted as one of the leading manufacturers of security analog cameras and recording systems in Dubai, UAE. We are providing sales and support for  Hikvision analog cameras.

Hikvision Analog Cameras Dubai

CCTV Dubai is the leading suppliers of CCTV security surveillance systems in Dubai. Keeping various requirements of business in mind we are influential in bringing the best surveillance with the Hikvision CCTV products. Hikvision analog cameras come in various models that specifically are designed for an effective surveillance system outdoor and indoor.

Dome Cameras

The Hikvision dome cameras allow the flexibility of providing an excellent indoor and outdoor surveillance that guarantees you the peace of mind. It exhibits the shape of a dome and it is a good fit to the ceilings or walls. The cameras are equipped with the image sensor allowing it to capture high sensitive images in varied lighting conditions. It extends the features of IR cut filter with auto switch, a good angle of view, internal synchronization, IR range of approximately 10 to 20 Meters and a good horizontal resolution.

Fixed Lens Bullet Cameras

These high definition bullet cameras provide excellent coverage in any lighting conditions. Embedded with the rich features these cameras offers the perfect angle of view with the highest video frame rate. It reduces the number of cameras required in you surveillance system. It has the features of Infrared cut filter, internal synchronization, IP66 Protection standard (Protection from high water jets) and much more.

Varifocal bullet cameras

The Hikvision varifocal bullet cameras are made for long distance indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.These cameras are mostly used in situations where more focal tuning is needed. It has the features and functionalities of 3D Digital Noise reduction, sharpness, Saturation, brightness, High resolution, etc… It also has the features of IR cut filter with auto switch, internal synchronization, Good IR range, Auto gain and white balance etc…

CCTV Dubai is reckoned as the pioneer in delivering a total CCTV security surveillance  systems in Dubai. Our service area spanned in the regions of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain and Ras-Al-Khaimah.CCTV Systems are one of the cardinal systems that should be implemented in any organization to ensure the security of their assets and employees. It will help to increase the productivity in your company along with secure office premises.

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