It is important for the organizations to present itself with clearly defined security measures to protect business from any probable threats. The business should be equally concerned about the risks that tend to occur. It will be a big blow, if the company is unable to protect its assets and premises. It’s a fundamental fact that the more you stay ahead in the security front, the less you tend to face the risks. Security is not just an issue, it is something more of a business concern. Accepting this, most companies started to accept CCTV security in their environment, as a tool for improving security and productivity. And no wonder CCTV surveillance is now considered a must have necessity.

CCTV surveillance is fast growing and the new systems are being introduced with the advanced features and functionalities. Developments in IP technology have allowed the industries to choose IP surveillance as their first choice of security system. It gives the flexibility to connect to a home or business network easily and it captures and stream the video to any devices you choose to view. Like the surveillance, job of saving and managing the video streaming is an important aspect of any surveillance systems.


NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems with CCTV Dubai

Network Video recorder or NVR is used with IP surveillance system. NVR do the job of capturing videos from the IP cameras. As NVR is a component of the network, it needs to be configured with an IP address. NVR has the attached or internal storage facility along with the recording software, video management software and the intelligent video analytics.

Familiar in the domain for many years, CCTV Dubai is skilled to provide solution in planning and installation of CCTV security systems with the IP cameras. While planning the IP surveillance system, we take into account several factors such as the resolution of videos, video compression rate, number of cameras and the frame rate per second. These make sure that you are receiving the desired quality of video footages into your system.

What are the advantages of CCTV NVR?

  • As NVR is part of IP network, it allows the users to have remote access to real time video.
  • The management software in the NVR allows you to record, manage and view the system.
  • It has many added features and functionalities.
  • Video footages can be set to move routinely to a storage device at planned intervals.
  • Can change the compression ratio and rate.
  • The distance to place the NVR from the camera is unlimited
  • Less expensive
  • System is scalable as a result the components can be added as needed.

Selecting the right service provider is as important as implementation.

In a city like Dubai, It is important to pick a right CCTV solution provider for your security need. There are many reasons why you choose us your preferred provider. We have years of expertise to providing advanced security solutions to business of all sizes. We are very proud of the quality products we deliver. The reason why the customers count on us is not just the products, but simply the quality of service we deliver. Our customers know they can rely CCTV Dubai to deliver dependable and excellent security solutions around UAE.

By selecting us your provider, you have made the right decision to implement a flawless IP system. Our service is operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

And with the reliability and skill, we can proudly declare that CCTV Dubai is the best solution provider with CCTV NVR Dubai.


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