CCTV security is becoming more and more familiar to all kinds of business. Like the security cameras, recording systems also have an important role in the CCTV security systems. Digital Video Recorder takes the analog video signals and converts them to digital format. By converting analog video signals, the DVR brings your analog cameras into the digital age. It is really an efficient solution for those who are not willing to move to complete IP Surveillance structure.  DVR opens up new choice for viewing and managing the video feeds. Comes with varied size hard drives DVR extends the scope of good storage capacity and it allows the reviewing of videos too. With these reasons, DVRs are the mainstay of any analog CCTV surveillance system.

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In the earlier days, the security systems used VCR’s to record the video footage. As the years advanced, storing video signals in the VCR became impossible. It consumes more space, not possible to hold much information and it’s difficult to search through any particular video of an event. Here comes the importance of a Digital Video Recorder. With more storage space, different options for managing videos and wide range of functionalities, the advantages it offer is amazing. For the most, by converting to digital signals, DVR’s increased the scope of managing and viewing in a much sophisticated way.

CCTV Dubai is adept at bringing analog surveillance system with the high quality DVRs. We are proficient to offering security solutions to industries of all sizes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Without completely moving to an IP surveillance, the organizations with analog surveillance could get the best video assessments through Digital Video Recorders.


Advantages of DVR

Yes it’s true that by not completely changing to IP systems, you can still enjoy the digital quality. It really turned out to be a blessing to many small and medium businesses in an effective way.

It extend the advantages of:

  • Remote monitoring: The DVRs allows the video footages to be viewed remotely. By connecting analog cameras to DVR, you can monitor videos in real time from your smartphones and computers connected to internet.
  • Digital Storage: it takes your analog cameras to the modern age by converting the analog signals to Digital signals. With this it is possible to store more videos without any space issues.
  • Compression: To provide efficient storage, DVR has various compression procedures. With these compression techniques it can store more videos without affecting the video quality much.
  • Secure connectivity: In DVRs the unauthorized access to any third party is restricted.
  • System management software: Some DVRs come with the management software to manage and view the videos in an active way.

DVR is also used to records the HDCVI cameras.

Being an experienced player in the domain of CCTV installation in Dubai, we have broad expertise in designing and implementation. Our pool of experts can be trusted to carry out the installation with utmost dedication and trust, thus assuring your business is completely covered from any possible risks.

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