CCTV Installation

Presumably, most organizations take security seriously. To most business, detailed security measures, however, points to advanced surveillance systems – CCTV Security. It adds an extra layer of protection towards any illegal activities that happen around the business and residence. As far as the business is concerned, CCTV installation has many advantages. In addition to providing security, the system is adept at improving the productivity of employees to where it helps to analyze and measure the efficiency in a better way. It helps to monitor closely the situations and activities within the business and homes.

Are you ready for a security switch over?

With the right CCTV Installation, the chance of occurring the possible threats are considerably less. As well it is one of the cost-effective ways of enhancing security. The advantages of installing CCTV systems are many, all of which makes your investment worth for your business. Some of the advantages your business gains include

  • Prevent committing burglary
  • Employee surveillance
  • Reduced insurance.
  • Encourage good behavior
  • And more

Therefore CCTV security simply means improved surveillance.

It is important to get the CCTV cameras installed in the right locations. Why so? Surveillance of the important locations and assets can be made easy through the installations at prime spots. Certainly, positioning surveillance cameras at crucial positions can ensure complete safety to the assets and life. So the security in the environment, be at home or at the office premises, should be your top priority.


CCTV security solutions you can trust always

Either for the new CCTV installation or the re-establishment in Dubai, the best thing you can do is to rely on an experienced and trusted CCTV solution provider. CCTV Dubai is well versed to providing customized security solution across business of all sizes throughout UAE. As the specialists in this domain we ensure that our clients receive state of the art security solution, for this we have been partnered with the leading security brands such as Samsung, Hikvision, CP Plus, Axis, Grandstream etc… Our team of professionals are passionate in bringing safety to you, your family and business. And with the integrated systems, we are capable of designing and implementing an impeccable surveillance solution that meet your requirements. Having received accolades of recognition from the clients we are considered as the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai, UAE.

Why CCTV Dubai?

Being the largest security solution provider in UAE, CCTV Dubai offer solutions to business of all sizes. Our primary aim lies in rendering the best solution with the renowned and branded security products. You can be assured that all the products we deal meet the latest industry standards and is compliant with any kind of surveillance at your work place or at home.

Your security is our concern

Our comprehensive range of CCTV solutions can be personalized to meet any security need. Depending on your security need and budget we help you to choose the suitable system between the IP and Analog surveillance system. The plan we propose can meet your current and future requirements. We have no commitment to any particular brands instead we offer a best solution with the best products that you think is right for the particular environment. The other virtues that CCTV system offer is that they help the investigation agency solve any issues. When it comes to home security the CCTV system helps them to trace out the happenings outside.

We are good in CCTV maintenance in Dubai too and with the excellent CCTV maintenance services we ensure all your CCTV systems are kept functioning. Our maintenance service is very much flexible and sustainable and our CCTV maintenance contract confirm that your business, assets, your staff etc…are protected always. Some of the maintenance activities includes serious inspection of CCTV systems against any deterioration or damage, check all the control devices such as the NVR and DVRs, check the quality of recording and much more.

Choosing The Right Product

As a pioneer in the supply, design, deployment and maintenance of the security solutions, we have knowledge in all features of security to help you meet all your surveillance needs. The range of products comprises of IP cameras, Analog Cameras, HDCVI Cameras, DVRs and NVRs. The installation is provided by the experts particularly skilled in their domain.

CCTV security take values one step further that help your business achieve positive outcomes. We help to formulate effective security measures through existing security guidelines and principles. As such, we are proud to be the leader in the CCTV security that are capable to present solutions with the branded security products and systems. We help you to implement the systems with the right security systems at reasonable budget. The service is available in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

Enjoy the benefits of a flawless CCTV system that helps you to accomplish your desired security goals.

We invite you to have a better understanding of how we are able to and what we can provide for a reliable security solution that impacts your business in a better way. We at CCTV Dubai is pretty clear, to understand the clients goals and deliver them the finest.

We are here to help you always. Contact us.