Bosch Analog Cameras

Presumably, protection is predominant for many of the firms. The organizations can tackle any security risks by adopting robust and suitable surveillance systems which in turn brings advantages to the business in many ways. before investing in CCTV surveillance systems, the organization must follow effective decision-making procedure. A well planned CCTV implementation can help your home or organization to secure the premises in and out from all the unlawful happenings. Before putting a security system in place, it is important to examine what type of CCTV systems are good for your needs. An expert CCTV Solution provider can help you with deploying the best surveillance system that well-suited for your requirements.

It is apparent that many people are confused about choosing the right kind of surveillance system from analog surveillance or IP surveillance. This issue can be tackled by a well understanding of the security requirements of an organization. The size of the place and budget that are also crucial facts that should consider. Apart from all these facts, Bosch analog cameras are well suited for any CCTV surveillance needs with a moderate budget and quality requirements. Bosch has got a wide range CCTV product such as Analog Cameras, IP Cameras, NVRs and DVRs


Bosch Analog Cameras

Because of the quality of its products, Bosch is ranked as the best manufacturer of security surveillance systems in the world. Bosch analog cameras are remarkably good in producing high-resolution images that make the camera perfect for all kinds of surveillance applications. CCTV Dubai is a leading CCTV Solution Provider in Dubai, UAE. We are well versed in planning, designing, and implementing a better CCTV surveillance system based on our customer requirements. By leading from the front, from planning to deployment CCTV Dubai delivers flawless, reliable and scalable surveillance systems with Bosch systems to industries of all types and sizes.

The portfolio of Bosch Analog Cameras include the types PTZ camera, Fixed Domes, fixed and a special camera.

PTZ Camera provides many features over other types of Bosch security cameras. With the fixed cameras,a field of view is fixed at the time of installation that only can be adjusted manually.The PTZ camera offers flexibility with the capability to rotate 360-degree. It is easy to install and operate. Bosch analog PTZ cameras have the uncompromising security features that you can utilize for the various indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. It is vandal resistant and is able to produce high-resolution images.

Bosch fixed dome camera offer many advantages compared to other types of cameras. It’s excellent resolution capabilities makes it ideal for all kinds of surveillance applications both indoor and outdoor. Because of its distinct shape, it is difficult to find out to which point it is positioned to. It covers a wide range and is enhanced with digital noise reduction. It is easy to install and use. It is vandal resistant and has weather proof housing.

Bosch fixed cameras has the feature of high dynamic range to spot the dark and bright details at the same time. Because of its extended shape, it is difficult to identify in which direction it is pointed to. Some models of this series have the noise reduction feature and day/night vision. There are other special cameras as well from Bosh that can be well utilized for all types of surveillance.

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Due to the level of responsibility we have created over the years with our customers, CCTV Dubai is regarded as the specialists in CCTV installation in Dubai UAE. We are the leading suppliers of  Bosch CCTV systems in Dubai. We are always eager to deliver the best of CCTV security solutions with the cutting edge technology available on the market. We can offer extensive security measures with the Bosch CCTV security analog cameras in Dubai,UAE. we not only serves in Dubai but also operational in other regions of UAE as well including Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Al Ain. If you have decided to deploy total security systems at your workplace in Dubai, we are there to assist you. We can deliver solutions to all kinds of surveillance requests which can be dealt with the range of Bosch security products including the Bosch IP cameras, Bosch NVR and Bosch DVR.

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