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Developing good models of security policy is cardinal to ensure that the business and the assets are safe from the risk of abuse and theft. Now most of the organizations turn up to install CCTV security systems at their workplace which are primarily focused to deter any serious security lapses. It should be stay focused on the greatest priorities that cover the aspects including

  • Comprehensive coverage of assets
  • Optimizing employee productivity and efficiency
  • Flexibility in delivering peace of mind.

CCTV Security is important for your business.

The much-practiced legacy security policies may not deliver the accepted levels of safety to the organization than a CCTV security systems provide. Still most SMB’s seems reluctant to accept modern security systems as part of their security policy, may be because of economic factors or otherwise they are not aware of its benefits. However, the truth is that CCTV security surveillance bring added advantages to your business in terms of security and productivity. The notion of installing CCTV will be ideal for business and home. But then again, the question remains as how to go for a good security solution. Picking a right solution provider will get your job half done and it makes the point, so there is no confusion and no worry for you.

Hikvision Dubai

Being a leader in the CCTV security systems, Hikvision is the leading supplier of wide range of security cameras and recording systems. The portfolio of their products include network cameras, digital video recorders, analog cameras and other accessories. CCTV Dubai is proficient to deploy security with the Hikvision security cameras and recording systems in Dubai. Years of experience in the strategic roles, primarily within the designing and the deployment phase to the industries of all sizes, earned us the best CCTV solution provider in UAE. Our huge customer base confirms the efforts of our capability in building a successful surveillance system in Dubai, UAE with the Hikvision products. We have our services operational in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

Hikvision Dubai

IP cameras

With its ease of use and functionalities the IP cameras have become much sought-after for most of the security applications. It encompasses some of the advanced technologies and features that makes them the preferred choice by the security industry. Deploying IP surveillance system extends many benefits in terms of quality surveillance and images. The Hikvision Dubai IP cameras comes in vivid models including thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out camera and so on and with its noted features Hikvision IP cameras are definitely good choice for realizing your security need. Its noted features include

  • High resolution
  • HD real time video
  • Compact design
  • Good Night vision
  • Good frame rate
  • Power over Ethernet facility

Analog Cameras

Analog Cameras have its own benefits in the domain of surveillance. Hikvision analog cameras are perfect for those who are satisfied with the analog systems. These cameras outperform in some situations better than the IP cameras and with this you can easily accomplish your desired goals. Availability of these quality cameras at affordable rate makes it more favorable for all. It comes in varied genres including Turbo HD camera, CCD camera HD-SDI camera.


  • Good Night Vision
  • Smart IR and good dynamic range
  • Quality video image output
  • Ideal for low light conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range

Network Video recorder

The network video recorder allows the system to manage the videos captured by the IP cameras in an efficient and refined way. The software that comes with the system helps to record and store the videos in a digital format to a disk drive. NVRs can be remotely managed via local area network or the internet. Designed to deliver finest performance these Hikvision Network Video recorders can be best utilized for the management of videos.

Its features

  • Support of third-party cameras
  • High-resolution video recording
  • Dual gigabit network interfaces and HDMI output

Digital Video Recorder:

DVR’s are used to convert the analog video signals to digital format. In simpler words it records videos from analog cameras in a digital format.  DVR’s are used in conjunction with the analog systems. With Hikvision Dubai Digital video Recorders you can convert and manage the videos in a better way. If you want to enjoy digital experience while staying in an analog system, Hikvision DVR proves to be the best in the market. It comes in varied models and it includes the Turbo HD DVR, Mobile DVR, and Analog DVR etc…

Its features include

  • Quality video compression
  • High-resolution Real time recording
  • HD-SDI interfaces
  • Synchronous playback
  • HDD quota and group management
Hikvision IP Cameras

CCTV Dubai is reckoned as the experts in planning and deployment of the CCTV security systems in Dubai. Now these days it is important to safeguard your business with proper security measures. In a city like Dubai, to cover the business with CCTV security is a total necessity. CCTV Dubai manages to deliver solution to all kind of industries such as retail, law, hospital, hotels and more with the Hikvision Products. Apart from the security cameras and recording system, Hikvision presents other range of security products as well which can be best utilized for designing a complete CCTV security system in Dubai.

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