CCTV Recorder in Dubai

With the ever growing need for a proper security surveillance, the CCTV security market is set to see an upward trend. Definitely, there has been a rise in the illegal activities over the past few years. Given the fact, most companies and residences have started implementing security cameras at their premises. Need for better security systems to confront fraudulence, illicit immigration and criminal activities have pushed organizations to invest in CCTV security much. It uplifts your security measures in a great way, most importantly, staying informed on all the activities is crucial to maintaining relevance in the evolving business.

If you have a CCTV camera and you would like to record the images, you have options available. Security cameras with the CCTV recording systems can provide answers to your surveillance activity. You have the Digital video recorder for the Analog surveillance system and Network video recorder for the IP surveillance system. A central video recorder is required in the CCTV system to record and manage the video footages they are capturing. NVR’s (Network Video recorder) and DVR’s (Digital Video recorder) are the recorders used along with the CCTV system to manage, store and view the videos for IP cameras and Analog cameras respectively.

CCTV RecordersCCTV DVR – Digital Video recorder

CCTV DVRs are used to record the video footage from the Analog cameras. It records the video in a digital format to a storage device. The videos can be watched as many times and can be removed later after assessing. It permits you to search the events by specified date and time. The advantage is that the remote access is possible by connecting the system to the internet. DVRs can be utilized to record and manage the videos captured by HDCVI cameras. In short, DVR records data from the Analog camera and HDCVI camera as well.

CCTV NVR – Network Video Recorder

NVRs are used to record the IP cameras. Unlike the DVR, Network video recorders are part of the IP networks and it is programmed with an IP address. Used in conjunction with the IP cameras, NVR allows you to record and have access to recorded videos at the same time. Since it is positioned in a network you can access NVRs remotely to view and manage the videos. It gives you the flexibility of recording and remote access of live streams at the same time from the IP cameras.

CCTV Dubai presents you the best of recording with the branded DVRs and NVRs.

CCTV Dubai is dedicated to delivering a wide assortment of DVRs and NVRs to customers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Our profound experience in the domain of CCTV installation in Dubai help us to decide suitable recording systems that is well-matched to your security needs.

We have applied our capability in designing and deploying proper recording systems to a wide array of industries including the health care industry, corporates, hospitality industry, IT sectors and so on. Our timely delivery with the proper understanding of systems have made us the best CCTV providers in Dubai.

We make sure you get the following factors while deploying the video systems

  • Image quality
  • Event triggering
  • Well combination of security control, alarms, intercoms
  • Enhanced remote viewing capabilities
  • Check for the playback capability
  • Intelligent motion detection
  • Video analytics (NVR)

We help you to choose the best that is perfect for your security need.

In accordance with the CCTV security you have implemented, we help you choose the recording systems that suits your security needs.

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