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CCTV surveillance is becoming a necessity in business environments, even in the home as well. Most of the people are thinking that we reached to the end of Analog Camera System, but the big brands Samsung Hanwha Techwin proves that we are wrong, by manufacturing a wide range of analog CCTV cameras to provide cost effective yet quality CCTV solutions for home and business owners.Digital Video Recorders (DVR) has an important role in making the Analog Camera to it’s maximum use. It makes the analog camera well suited for the modern age. DVR is used to convert the analog video signal to digital signals allowing the users to view and record HI quality video in digital format. DVR made it easy for the users to manage and view the recorded videos in a much-refined manner.

Samsung Hanwha Techwin name is more synonymous with the CCTV surveillance products available on the market today. Samsung Techwin DVR is made to provide the users high-quality images while conserving the storage space.With the help of different types in DVR, Samsung CCTV systems are able to scale based on your requirements. With years of expertise in this field, CCTV Dubai is mature enough to design and implement the best CCTV surveillance System for your home or office. With the help of Samsung Analog CCTV Solutions, we are able to provide much cost effective solutions for our clients.  The number of successful projects we have delivered in Dubai,UAE to wide industries itself is enough to rely on us for the CCTV Camera installation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Samsung DVR Dubai

The Samsung Hanwha Techwin presents varied channel DVRs and it includes the 4 Channel DVR, 8 Channel DVR, 16 Channel DVR and AHD-DVRs. With the right CCTV Company in Dubai, you have the choice to pick from the assortment of Samsung Techwin DVRs in Dubai,UAE in accord with your requirements.

16 Channel DVR

Samsung Techwin delivers a range of high performance 16 channel DVRs that is designed to meet any application without compromising the quality and storage space. It features the real-time playback and has the ability to record real time in 4CIF (4 times larger than the CIF images) format through selected channels.

8 Channel DVR

The 8 channel Samsung DVR is suitable for any application requirement and it ranges from economical to full featured DVRs. Like the 16 channel DVR it has the capability of real-time playback and to record real-time videos in 4CIF (4 times larger than the CIF images) format through selected channels. Some DVR extends the capability of convenient backup.

4 Channel DVR

The 4 Channel DVRs from Samsung  are designed to work with cost sensitive requirements without any compromise on the video quality and storage space. This 4 channel DVR is mostly demanded for varied type of requirements. It carries the feature of real-time playback and the ability to record real-time videos in 4CIF (4 times larger than the CIF images) format through selected channels.

AHD series Samsung DVR

AHD series Samsung DVR models delivers excellent video quality and equipped with various user-friendly functions.  Moreover, Samsung offers a complete analog CCTV solution for your security needs. It comes with a user interface, high recording rate, enhanced network bandwidth and much more.

In UAE the need for the security surveillance systems is on rise. The companies prefer the CCTV surveillance with the stated goal of reducing the theft and to improve the productivity of employees. CCTV surveillance Systems helps the authorities to keep a check on what is happening on outside premises of the organization to identify the possible influx or other activities by the strangers. CCTV Dubai helps in planning, designing and implementing an effective CCTV system that covers all of your requirements in Dubai,UAE. our service area across Other emirates such asUmm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain. The way we implement the CCTV solutions does meet the industrial standards and guidelines for better security.

If you are in a hunt for a reliable CCTV solutions in Dubai, We are here to help you.

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