CP Plus HDCVI Camera

Keeping your business safe and secure is important. As so much investment is made in the business, the top priority should be on providing the highest level of security so as to protect your property and employees. Technological change is influencing the face of CCTV security as well. The latest that caught the attention of the security market is the HDCVI technology. If you are much confused about changing the surveillance system to IP system, let’s have a thought of the HDCVI technology. This technology helps the business to get the finest quality security surveillance through the existing coaxial cabling structure. It’s really a blessing to the customers who likes to stay with the Analog system and at the same time want the High definition images. The benefit is that, without changing the existing cabling system you can simply change to HDCVI.


HDCVI or High Definition Composite interface is a technology that uses the coaxial cable to transfer high definition images. Most of the businesses are considering the option to change to HDCVI technology because of numerous beneficial factors.

CP Plus HDCVI Cameras Dubai

Widely recognized as the forerunner in the security surveillance systems, CP Plus is dedicated in bringing advanced HDCVI cameras to the various security applications. The capacity for creating much higher resolution images in the same analog system makes HDCVI a favorable choice for the business. CCTV Dubai is ardent to providing advanced and sophisticated CCTV security systems. We deliver total CCTV solutions to industries of all sizes. CP Plus HDCVI cameras comes in varied series with different models. It is available with the versions of Bullet cameras, Dome cameras, Vandal Dome and Pin hole.

Bullet Cameras: CP Plus HDCVI Bullet cameras are enhanced with features that offer superb picture quality. It’s a day night camera with Infrared Cut filter. Long distance high-speed real-time transmission is possible. Bullet cameras are useful for the exterior and interior use. It is equipped with Mobile and CMS software.

Dome Camera: CP Plus HDCVI Dome cameras are enhanced with features to produce high-resolution videos and images. It has Day/Night feature with an Infrared cut filter. Long distance high-speed real-time transmission is possible. It is supported with Mobile and CMS software.

Vandal Dome Camera: CP Plus Vandal Dome camera offers advanced features that improve the camera’s video performance for day/night operation. These cameras have the Day/night feature with the IR cut filter and it offers long distance high-speed real-time transmission.

Being an expert player in the realm of CCTV installations in Dubai, CCTV Dubai is considered as the leader in CCTV solutions, UAE. We have our service operational in the regions of Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. Number of successful installations itself is enough to prove that we are the best CCTV providers in UAE. The planning and designing of CCTV security is carried out after a detailed study of the clients security need.  With the CP plus HDCVI cameras and other cameras we at CCTV Dubai is perfect in providing the art of surveillance.

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