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The safety of your business and home is important and need not be compromised. Needless to say the CCTV security systems extends better surveillance and really is a blessing to the companies and homes. Security-related worries and concerns can be enormously reduced in a great way by implementing the CCTV security. While it has been aimed to secure the assets and premises, it offers the prospect of increased productivity among the staffs. Right solution provider can help you to thwart any possible threats with the perfect surveillance system. It is advantageous in many ways. Feeling concern about the risk is something worrying, but with an effective security measure it can be confronted in a well way.

Once you have decided to implement CCTV surveillance in Dubai, selecting the right provider is an important step.


Bosch CCTV systems

Bosch is skillful in the production of multitude of CCTV products including the IP cameras, Analog cameras, Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorder and so on. Bosh products offers a variety of security features that allow the business to move in a positive way. CCTV Dubai is dedicated in designing and implementing the CCTV systems with Bosch security cameras (IP cameras and Analog cameras) and recording systems.

With the Bosch systems we get rid of your security worry of your business and at home. Bosch comes with variety of IP cameras that are good for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

IP Cameras

The IP cameras come in varied categories with varied formats that includes the Fixed IP cameras, moving cameras and panoramic cameras. The common features comprises of

  • Exceptional strength
  • Can be used for industrial and commercial applications
  • High dynamic range
  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Intelligent tracking
  • HD resolution
  • Low storage cost
  • Video analytics
  • Varied Megapixels camera

Analog Cameras

The Bosch analog cameras are perfectly good for applications that need good resolution images. The benefits include

  • Night capturing possible with imaging technology
  • Adjustable imaging modes
  • High Sensitivity and resolution
  • Easy to install
  • Wide coverage
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Strong design
  • Optimized image visibility

Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders

The recording solutions from Bosch is promising for enterprise networks with a single camera to several hundred cameras. Some of the advantages are listed here:

IP recording – Network Video Recorder:

  • Deliver a robust and secure operation
  • Real-time access to video
  • Advanced user management
  • Search made easy
  • Remote watching through Desktop application or Browser
  • Advanced Alarm management
  • Support up to 32 channels
  • Video Management software
  • Fully modular design

Analog Recording – Digital Video recorder

  • Network function for remote monitoring
  • Remote playback control and alarm warning
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High resolution
Bosch IP Cameras

Move along with the Best CCTV solution provider in Dubai

Whatever your security needs are CCTV Dubai has the solution with the Bosch security systems in Dubai. Developed with the state of the art technology, the Bosch security products power your security surveillance in a much sophisticated way. So many businesses and institutions have been benefited from our service. Before installation we outline a plan in accord with your needs and requirements, discuss with you and come with a successful conclusion. Our expertise in the domain of CCTV installation Dubai has helped many of the organization to enjoy the risk free environment. Our services are operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

Keep aside your security tensions and plan on other aspects of business with harmony.

Feel good to get in touch with us for a high and secured environment.

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