Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder Dubai

Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder Dubai

The Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder Dubai converts video from analog cameras on to IP network system leveraging current cheap analog system making a hybrid solution.  Highly effective H.264 compression technology and ONVIF standard compliant, the Samsung SPE-100P is the perfect solution when there is a requirement for hybrid solution.


Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder

The Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder Dubai encodes a single channel of analog video and audio for network broadcast. It converts A/V signals and digitizes the signals of a dome camera associated to its control port. The ONVIF specification lets easy combination with 3rd party CCTV controllers and DVRs. The H.264 compression format at 30 fps in real time confirms quality video images while exploiting bandwidth usage. This encoder by Samsung Dubai features audio in and out connectors, which lets 2-way voice communication over the network.

The Samsung SPE-100P Dubai has a built-in SD memory card slot that is valuable for local storage. This comes in accessible as a backup during a network failure. The SPE-100P encoder can be driven by its Ethernet cable. This removes the requirement for a single power cable for the camera, saving you time and installation costs. All in all, the Samsung SPE-100P video encoder is high performing, highly effective and very cheap to give you the best experience possible.

Samsung SPE-100P Video Encoder Features:

  • 30(25)fps at 4CIF resolution
  • 264, MPEG-4, MJPEG multiple codec
  • Multiple streaming simultaneously
  • 10/100BASE-T
  • PoE, SD memory, bi-directional audio support
  • 264/MPEG-4/MJEG: gives versatile compression options
  • ONVIF Compliant: interoperability between network video products
  • Power Over Ethernet: sends power over network cable
  • SD Memory Card Slot: local recording and back-up
  • Https Security Log-in Support: ensures security of surveillance system


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