Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Dubai


Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount

The Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Dubai accessory made of aluminum and available in ivory. This accessory by Samsung Dubai uses 1 1/2” female threads. The SBP-300WM0 by Samsung is a Wall Mount Accessory, (SCD-3083/3082E/3081, SCD-3080/2082/2081, SCD-2080R/2080E/2080, SCD-2060E/2042R/2040, SCD-2022R/2022/2021, SND-7061/7011, SCD-2020R/2020, SND-5061/5011, SND-2010/1080/1011 and SUD-3080/2080).

Surveillance is now made easy with the help of the Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Wall Mount Base Dubai. This SBP-300WM0 mount is made of aluminum and SECC, which not only makes it highly strong, but also adds resistance to salt and impact damages that might happen over a span a time. The SBP-300WM0 mount is designed for use with the Samsung PTZ dome mounts SBP-300WM1 and SBP-300WM. This accessory features an ivory finish.

Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Features:

  • Aluminum, SECC construction
  • 72″W x 7.52″H x 1.38″D
  • 54 Lbs. (700g)
  • Ivory color
  • Compatibility
  • SCD-5030
  • SCD-5020
  • SCD-3083
  • SCD-5030
  • SCD-3082E
  • SCD-3081
  • SCD-3080
  • SCD-2081
  • SCD-2080R
  • SCD-2080E
  • SCD-2080
  • SCD-2022R
  • SCD-2022
  • SCD-2020R
  • SCD-2020
  • SND-5061
  • SND-5011
  • all SNO cameras


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