Samsung vandal Proof Dome Cameras

Security cameras have proved themselves to be worthy for expert surveillance. It comes in varied types and have extended features. With so many kinds and brands available in the market, choosing the appropriate camera is a tricky choice. These cameras have been designed to be suited for various security applications. Each company’s cameras will have functionalities different to others. Used for indoor and outdoor security applications, Vandal-proof dome cameras authenticate that it is the best one to go for, since these find it appropriate for the regions that may be susceptible to vandalism or meddling. It will be difficult to be tampered with once it is properly installed as it is completely covered with protective case. Among the ones, Samsung security cameras remains in the top position.

Samsung Vandal Proof Dome cameras

If you are looking for a comprehensive brand for your CCTV security system, Samsung is the best. Samsung Vandal Proof dome cameras can be utilized for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. It’s perfect for the places that are prone to attacks and damage. Due to its advanced features, these cameras have got a great market appreciation. CCTV Dubai is the pioneer to provide CCTV security solution in Dubai with the Samsung vandal proof cameras. As an experienced player in the market our job is to provide right solutions with right products. As such we are proud to be associated with Samsung Vandal proof dome cameras Dubai to develop complete security surveillance. Samsung vandal proof cameras delivers exceptional performance to those applications that need a vandal proof camera. With its features it top the list for any cameras.


  • Capacity to produce Full HD
  • Day and Night with IR Filter
  • Ease of installation
  • Extends greater view length
  • Good transmission levels
  • Provides perfect focus control

CCTV Dubai is the best when it comes to security solutions in Dubai. With deep expertise in the CCTV domain over the years, we have answers for all your security needs. Over the years all of us at CCTV Dubai pride ourselves on making reliable and secured security surveillance to homes and industries across UAE.  It no surprise that we are the leading CCTV security provider in Dubai. Our service is operational in Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well. We invite you to discover our activities and discover how we can provide a reliable CCTV security solution for your business. At CCTV Dubai our mission is clear; to be the best in what we deliver.


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